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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  July 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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lot of lightning. gusts of 50 to 60 capable of taking down trees and heads up in that area and this for orange in spotsylvania smul portions of spotsylvania until 6:15. once again storm here is moving east at about 25 miles an hour and it could also produce those strong winds creating damage. another look to d.c. you can see starting to clear out in montgomery county, western portions of fairfax, loudoun and it will be it for the night and we also wanted to show youal the tremendous numbers of storm reports all of these lights blue balls indicate writing wind damage has been received. so this has been long lived as the storms began up west of interstate 1 and have been taking down trees in their entire path i expect that to continue for the next little while. good newsment start sod see severe thunderstorm watch scaled back. for most of d.c. it's over. still in effect parts of s mary and calvert and i bet those go
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enjoy more comfortable temperatures. bouncing up a bit from 73 to 75 and that's a whole lot better than 95. we had along 4:00 this afternoon and so a little bit of break in this intense heat and humidity and we'll talk about that with the 7 day forecast and when you need to prepare for triple gij its too coming your way in a little bi bit. shawn, back to you. >> we're prepared, thank you. 2016 national republican convention is underway right now in cleveland and in fact maryland governor larry hogan a republican is not there. he is one of many gop leaders not attending the events am tom fitzgerald is live in cleveland tonight and tom, that list includes the bushes, former bop presidential candidates this is supposed to be unifying event what is gop doing to try to he unite. >> shawn you're right it has raised more that a few eyebrows about how many top republican have decided not to come to cleveland to attend their own party's convention. we all paid the primer and know
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conventionsry moment the party comes together not fray as part and continues old fight. take a look at footage from at the convention today maryland delegation is key element in all of this maryland is state that progressively has been voting democrat nikt last couple years. and then there was a turn. they elected a republican governor in larry hogan. that raised eyebrows around the kupty that perhaps in a state like maryland a republican message could get across to the voters and did they come up here tonight? no. larry hogan is in maryland. we put the question to former rnc chairman and former maryland lieutenant governor michael steel what in the world will it will toy ta get reps united under one tent. >> work in progress to be honest about. it there's a lot of people still have a loft passions one way or the other about donald trump and this is the weej pa
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planned focusing on family and having his party be a part of that narrative. with his culmination on thursday it's bringing party together. so i'm hoping we walk out on friday stronger party and more unified party and looking forward to a great campaign this fall. >> that work will begin tonigh tonight. donald trump will be here tonight to introduce his wife and start to try win not only these delegates over but republicans and democrats who have been watching all this from across the country. there's a lot of ahead of us day one is in the becomes and delegate fight was down here today and eventually forces preveiled. never trump. never more. >> live in cleveland send it back to you. >> thank you, tom. >> why aren't you in cleveland today. >> cleveland, what's what's going on there? >> nat is maryland governor larry hogan talking to "fox5" veronica cleary today an
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has not made disapproval of trump a secret and he anticipated the schedule this week and is focused on helping marylanders and not being in cleveland and he add virz running mate mike pence he and peps work together through the republican governor's association. "fox5" will have the latest from the convention and tom fitzgerald will be reporting live from cleveland all week an you can interact with tom on facebook live at 10:45 in the morning and also at 5 and 6 each week. sorry about that, folks, what are these times. 10:45 in the morning around 5 p.m. and around 6 p.m. and we also ask to you check out our new pool 6:30 kicks off next here at 6:30. >> they were target that's the words and six law enforcement officers in baton rouge yesterday and determined to kill police. investigators say gave inlong wa
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released surveillance of him at a news conference today and you can see there carrying two rifles and .9 millimeter handgun. if a swat team member had not shot and killed long he would have continued the killing spree. >> this was a die bolical attack on the very fabric of society. and that is not high personally or over statement. there was nothing more fundamentally important than main takening "law and order" so that people can have good quality lives. >> three law enforcement officers were killed and three others wounded one remains in critical condition in the meantime a mem or set up and stop and pay respects. . >> and high alert after fatal shootings of police officers in baton rouge and dallas and policing in today's world turned stressful for many cops who see themselves as target. >> we want to get a better understanding how offi
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paul wagner was on a ride along and life at the wheaton station paul how did it go. . >> sure, jim over the years i've gotten to know a lot of police officers and i talked to a lot of police officers since the dallas shootings about how they're feeling and telling me they're feeling stressed and families are also feeling suppressed and they feel like just because they're wearing a badge that they have become a target. so today we wanted to get a sense of what it is like to be a cop on the streets today. we wept out with officer jonathan morally. take a look. . >> jonathan morally has been on the job three years now rockville high and university of maryland grad he's also a member of the national guard. and we weren't in cruiser more than a few minutes when he got the first call. minor fepder bender on george aavenue involving a couple with infant in car seat. and worried the parents wanted the baby checked out. . >> back in the cruiser we talked about the recent assault on law enforcement and baton roug
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>> it upsets me and makes me angry because vast ma'amtive us we go out there and patrol these neighborhoods. i don't think a lot of these officers on the road unless veterans really know what they're supposed to do in those situations. >> and we road along and i talked about what it is like to be a cop today. >> you really are never really off duty doing this jochbility and especially when you have a take home car like this and even when you're not working everybody knows who are you and what you do and where you live lived. >> our third call was far more serious, two cars collided near connecticut and veers mill and one of those cars another baby in a car seat. air bags deployed and parents wanted the baby checked out. >> if you want to drive there i can find out where they're taking her. >> officer morally had a body camera for a few months now and although apprehensive about using it at first now he likes it. >> i honestly like having. it if i'm on a call there's -- i
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own eyes. >> with every cellphone equipped with a camera he expects to be photographed at every spot but what concerns him are the people that turn on acamera and god him into something confrontational. >> the cellphone doesn't get the whole side of the story. it only takes where they started videotaping. it doesn't take what led up to that. >> since the shoot ningz dallas and baton rouge morally is getting more people thanking him for his service. it's something he appreciate and more so this cop wants more people to talk to him. he says don't be afraid to come up and say hi. >> if women want to speak to me i life that. it helps he get through the day and it helps build a relationship with the community. i would say 90% of my interactions with people every day are good willed. >> police officers say they're getting a lot more thanks these days while ride around with officer morally dispatcher came across the air and said someone had just droed
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the officers. here at the wheaton station out of appreciation for what they do and said come on in and have food for lunch. live in wheaton. paul wagner. "fox5 local news". >> it's great to see that perspective. thank you so much for capturing that today paul. >> straight ahead at 6 police release new video of a violent home invasion and how the suspect and victim new each other and there's a twist in the case. >> deadly crash after a map attend aid party where under age drinking was taking place. >> and keepingen eye on rain moving through the region and yes as you can see it is hot, hot, hot, and more on that coming up. >> and wait until you see where it's going. give us a call "fox5", 202, 8 895, 3000 or email "fox5" tip stay tuned.
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sxwrvr not getty third baltimore police officer is acquitted in the death of freddie gray. lieutena
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aquitsed of wrong doing with gray's death. rice was the highest ranking officer charged in the case. and he was accused of involuntary manslaughter. reckless and dangerment and misconduct in office and explaining his verdict decision the judge add doneished prosecution and said hi did not profits case. >> a germantown man will spend a decade behind bars for carrying out a violent home invasion. devon take dickson was sentenced for twelve years for rarmd rob write and twelve years for home invasion and served concurrently. the victim in the home invasion recognized hims a classmate from middle cool and the key piece of evidence came from pair of worn out sneakers. police say dickson kickedd in the victim's apartment door and they were able toe extract foot prints and there's a second suspects on the loose if you know anything give police a call. >> montgomery county detectives investigating a death of a man of what police call u
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diego of gaithersburg was found unresponsive overnight and later dayed at the hospital. young people under age of 21 who live at the home hosted the party. >> posh issue here is that a 2 25-year-old man lost his life. why we're not sure. while we don't suspect foul play we're waiting on results from the medical examiners office to determine what happened. did he have a medical condition and were there some other conditions. >> tonight, ten people under the age of 21 are now charged with under age drinking. >> and coming up at 6 when was the last time you went to a mall. it's been a long time for me. >> really. >> yes, it has been. >> i've been to the mall to go to the food court. >> what mall own rerz doing to appeal to more shoppers these days. >> all right, ladies, tired of mostly male emogis and soon gender equality is coming to those little character we'll have more on that coming up.
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material world♪ . >> we're talking about emogis first they got more diverse now a step towards gepd erie quality. >> police offer and mechanics are depeblingted as men. and hair dressers are women and i thought you were doing the pose there for a second isn't that one of the pose. >> i was not doing hairdresser pose. >> google said that's good to change bit end of year they're adding 11 professions to with emogis including farmers, scientists, rock stars. >> thank four that. >> and all right so you guys probably noticed more and more people are dressed in athletic light gear who are not necessarily heading to the gym. and it's all part of a growing trend called athleash you're wear and athleash you'r
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the only one getting into on the business. people like beyonce and kate hudson has fabletics it's reached a fever pitch here but in other parts of developing world it's tarting to take hold. up investigators think there's still a lot of run way for the trend to catch on. >> the new trend is so pap lar merriam webster added athleash you're to the dictionary. >> i cannot wear yoga pants. >> would you consider wearing a red dress tomorrow. >> i came with a black tie and shawn said [ clearing throat ] i russeled this from the depths of my desk. >> okay. sue, it is hot outside. there's a number of storms that came through and are we on the back of that. >> we are this is northwest
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brighten up a bit and storms race ago way and shawn and jim you with not outside. but we had a temperature drop that was really dramatic. 95 to 73. in 30 minutes. . >> nition. >> how great was that. >> so we rally injoyd that and now temperatures try to uptic a bit. now most of the storm action is over for the night and most of you will see that sun coming out and trying to pump up temperatures a bit. on we go to radar to show you where things are now and i'm sure if you're watching at the beaches you can see the lightning in the distance clearly worst over dell dem and portions of southern maryland. we're seeing it clear out in d.c.. and down to the south. while severe thunderstorm warning in effect for southern st. mary's is over there's a whole lot of lightning going on down there as the storm pushes over to the bay over to crisfield and westover
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out of the way from it. the big result of storms in addition to the cooling of air mass which we also greatly needed up fortunately though it was whipped damage and every one of these little blue balls indicates where he had thunderstorm wind damage reported to the national weather service. just to give you an jerry douglass as we get this lowser the type of damage we're seeing try down in the 700 block of barry place in adams morgan and ayers wires down in arlington and on and on as the list goes on. a full report for you later tonight about the kind of damage as these storms came through during evening rush hour blocking interactions and sake making it hard to get through. we were under a watch until 8:00. you can see it's in effect for st. mary county and eastern shore up to philadelphia and jersey. these are the high temperatures that fueled those storms today into the mid owes. tremendous humidity and so it's nice to see 70s on the m
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picture of this. high, everybody, because we're not going to see these for a while. it will be right back to 90 tomorrowen thunderstorms do a lot to cool the atmosphere and of course they were quitele violent today taking down all of the trees. weatherhead lines going forward we will see storms rates ago way tonight. if you live west of d.c. and really rights through the beltway east of 95 you have slight chance of saying something. but these storms clear out quite soon. we have a cold front and we use the term cold loosely in july. cold front and little change in air mass coming through tomorrow there's slight chance i could produce few more showers and storms and a break in heat and humidity for a couple days and then big time heat building by late week ground three of weather. tomorrow 90. that is hot and look at this wednesday best day to be outside 87 with lower humidity and after that little frontal boundary comes through tomorrow and we get
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looking at another big heat wave building in and that begins on thursday. so upper air pattern giving us a break here and then big 90s and big 100s you heard about terrible heat the middle part of the country and we'll see that expanding east ward. here's what you can expect later in the week. and in the next week by the wa way. and 91 not bad. and by friday up to 96. saturday and sunday easily 98 degrees but could be 100 degrees. by sunday we're -- or monday down to 96. and as you can see that's a long siege with hot weather and we want to you joan joy tonight and storms around will be clearing on out. 75 overnight and forecast for tomorrow we'll see mix of clouds and sun and frontal boundary comes through and should be spotty shower or storm. >> and even ot the weather map tomorrow high temperatures we're expecting up
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"fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast, took you through most of these days. we're going to heat up. not a lot of thunderstorms relief i'mer in the forecast. very hot for the weekend. looks like this weekend coming up will be hotter than last weekend and you know how bad that felt. and monday few more storms possible with temperature of 9 96. so that is your 7 day forecast. not sure i'm going to the couch or not. >> i'm at the couch it's nice to be on the couch. thank you i don't know why i'm being so goofy. >> maybe the heat is getting to you. >> it is the heat yes my brain is shrinking. >> it's okay, sue. >> that's a nice long look at the 7 day. >> yes when you soak it in and realize saturday and sunday will be scorchers. >> welcome to the couch. >> good to be on the couch. >> nice and comfy. >> hit it♪ .
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>> video rapper from pit bull looks look a commercial for florida that's because it is he contracted with the state tou tourism industry and scenes 23r two dozen beaches they receive 80 mill in taxpayer funding it's not clear how much pit bull is making. >> he may have said forget it i'm having fun with the beautiful women. >> not only world bide but 305 the area code for miami back after
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okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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>> we we're going talk about sex for emogis. >>
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to the couch. >> it's a major part how we communicate social media and texting this days and i health officials are using it to encourage people to practice safe sex. hospitals are behind this campaign and targeting facebook adds and he motheries of birds, bees and suggested egg plant and no need to talk along with headline need to talk to somebody about it. health officials are hoping teens look into the types of confidential sexual health services that are now available to them. and it's a good way to reach kids. . >> i'm ready for the emogi forecast. >> you can probably do that with the total amount of emogis these days. >> mike thomas did it one week when having a rainy smell it was hilarious. >> i would cheat, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, and i all smiley faces and thumbs up and
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the weather when we say oh, i'm sorry it will be rainy day hey we like the rain. >> you can't please everybody sue. >> right. >> you can't please everybody we learned that with weather and you know what we're not pleasing anybody that likes it cool with the 7 day forecast although there's a little break tomorrow and wednesday. and third heat wave ever the summer begins thursday and friday. >> woo, all right, stay cool everybody. stick around. our new show is next
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>> donald presumep and pence trying to he unite a fractured taert. >> can trump and pence unit the party. we have all angles covered for you on the run down. you'll see that every night with everything we'll talk to you about and everything you will talk to us about. >> tweet us rights now we want to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns, tweet us now on brand new hash tag five at 6:30. >> boom. >> tom fitzgerald served political live from cleveland and state of the gop not big enough of issue and security forefront too. >> tom is


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